The Weald & Downland Living Museum. Sussex, England.

I love the Weald & Downland Living Museum. I have been involved in events there since 1999.

Firstly, cooking Mediaeval and Tudor food under the mentorship of Food Historian Peter Brears.

I had a spell away, but over the last few years have returned with a special interest in a small 18th century cottage that was not their when I first visited.

Within this little cottage is a small scullery with a boiling copper. A place to heat water, make cheese, boil puddings or make beer.


I can be prised away from the 18th century and have enjoyed working in the bakery, dairy, and just lately back in the Tudor kitchens, re-purposing it as a 16th century Manor house brewery.

Brewing 18th century beer in

Tndalls Cottage.

Making farmhouse cheese and butter.

Baking in the wonderful 1920s bakery.

Reconstructing a Tudor Brew House for a new project for Trinity Collage Dublin.

Testing Autumn 2020.