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Public speaking, presentations and after dinner speeches.


Marc has been speaking in public for the whole of his 29 years in Museums.

he is never happier than when in front of an audience.

Every talk is tailored to the hosts and the audiences needs.

Timings, complexity, subject matter etc. are all flexible.

"People, who from their careers have become specialists, have to realise that once we are asked to talk to others about our work, we become entertainers as well."


'From hearth to oven', a look at the history of the kitchen cookspace.

Other popular talks include.

"The changing face of the dining table,"

"My life as a Royal Food Historian,"

 or "is that a real Job?".

"Cooking in the Kitchens of King Henry VIII"

"The hunt for the King's Chocolate Kitchen"

"Messing about with old ales and beers"

But basically Marc will tell you about anything, even his last holiday if you ask him...

(which was looking at the 16th century kitchens of the Loire Valley)

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