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Events that I will be attending that are open to the public. 

Most events listed below require an entry fee to the site in question.

Please check the host organisation’s website for details.

Events at Universities, museums and societies where the event is only open to members or students are not listed.

Tudor Brew Experiment in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin and Trinity Collage Cambridge, held at Weald & Downland Living Museum; 

Paper published; Historical Journal, Cambridge University. February 2023

Documentary made by University of Cambridge Media dept to be released by the end of summer. Open access via internet.

In March I spent a few weeks at Mount Vernon in Virginia making Whisky using 18th century recipes, techniques and equipment. 

UPDATE: We made many hundreds of gallons of Whisky, available from

the Mount Vernon Shop.

I am hoping to rerun in November for another month of Whisky making.

Historic Life weekends at the Weald & Downland Living Museum.

Come and see me live at these museum events, cooking, demonstrating, or just chatting about old buildings.


14th & 15th October; Tudor brewing.

Making some beer with the hops grown at the Museum.

 21st & 22nd October; Preparing foods for Winter.

Making all sorts of Ketchup recipes.

2nd December; Tree dressing.

New book out now.

The Tavern cook.  Order on Amazon now.

Events and presentations to be arranged to go with this exciting new project.

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