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The Tavern Cook,
Eighteenth century dining through
the recipes of Richard Briggs.

Now available in the

In 1788 Richard Briggs, some time cook at the Globe Tavern, Fleet Street, London, published his cookery book.
The English Art of Cookery.

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It was a lengthy tome, over 700 pages of recipes from a man who cooked, not in a Palace, castle or stately home, but in the Taverns of London. His cookery was managed in a small kitchen with limited equipment.


You can manage it too!


Saying that Richard was just a tavern cook does him immense disservice. The Taverns of London in the late 18th century were not pubs or bars, they were fine dining establishments.


Roach's London Pocket Pilot (1796), lists the Globe in Fleet Street, along with five other taverns, as providing the best food available in London.

I became interested in Brigg’s recipes whilst working at the Royal Kitchens at Kew Palace, Kew Gardens.

In this world of easy access and download I could not see any reason to publish a facsimile of his book. You can get a copy from many sources, but what I wanted to write was a guide to it.


The Tavern cook describes the cookery of Richard Briggs and gives you an insight into the techniques and meanings of 18th century cookery. I describe my search for the man himself, the cook, husband and father.


I explore the London around the Taverns he cooked in and the way of dining in a tavern.

Use this book to create a Georgian supper for your friends and family.

I am sure you will dine very well.

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