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Newlin Grist Mill, PA, USA.

The Newlin Grist Mill is a Museum site in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia.

It has been in near continuous operation since 1704. I started my journey with them in 2008.

Since then I have been happy to be involved in numerous events, talks and the wonderful Tavern Night.

Our recent projects have focus on an old kitchen and experiments with 18th century brewing.

Over the last few years the Museum has had reproduced the equipment that would be brought into a kitchen to do a household brew.

Using period equipment, techniques and ingredients we have been bring to life examples of Colonial ale.

What makes this site special is the water powered grist mill. Here we can take the grain through the whole historical process. Milling the malted barley before we move it to our temporary brew house.

Again, this is an exercise in craft. Hand and eye, experience and ingenuity go hand in hand with knowledge.


With the help of experienced craft brewer Jack Wick you can, on occasion, sample some from cans.


Brewing at Newlin Mill.

Newlin Brewer.JPG

Historic Ale, back after 350 years.

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