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George Washington's Mount Vernon, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.


Several years ago, I gave a presentation to the staff at Mount Vernon, home of George Washington, in Virginia.

I thought this would be my only visit. It proved to be the start of an adventure.

Several years later I receive an email asking if my skills with a wood fired oven might be transferable. They had rebuilt George Washington’s distillery, back onto its original site and were running it using period equipment and a recipe from 1799.


They had the help of one of the worlds great distillers, Dave Pickerall. I was asked to go an learn from him and teach what I could about using wood fires under the still.

So, whenever I can, I pack up and go to Mount Vernon to help with a Whiskey run.

I went with some knowledge but have gained many skills in return.

There is a real thrill, (and a real danger) running a 95 gallon copper pot still with a wood fire burning under it. No temperature measures, no pressure gauges, just you, and your senses.

Each day it is another rollercoaster when the whisky starts to run.

Sadly Dave passed away in 2018, a great loss to the world of whiskey.

I hope I can continued to use all the things I learned from him.


Mount Vernon White and aged whiskey is only available from the Store at the Mount Vernon Estate.


George Washington's Distillery at Mount Vernon.


George Washington's Distillery at Mount Vernon.


Marc and Historic Distiller, Steve Bashore.


Steamy hot work, making whiskey by hand.


Just you, your skill and a roaring fire.


The good stuff.

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