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Having fun at Stately homes

The back of a Van years…


Many years ago, I was persuaded by the noted food Historian Peter Brears to come along with him to try some Tudor cooking.

Over the next few years Peter used me as part of his ‘team’ that toured the historic kitchens that he was working to bring back to life.

We cooked at Syon Park, Petworth House. Dryham Park and Harewood house.

Rotating between them all as the year went round. It was like being in a band without any of the fame or money.

It was, however, a great learning curve. Peter became a tutor, mentor and great friend.

Petworth Jeliies.JPG

The Band.

Some of those lovely jellies.


Afternoon teas.


Making ice-cream in the dairy

scan0004 (2).jpg

Always cooking.


Often cleaning.

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